January 2016
Dear Friends,

How blessed we are to be completing 68 years as a community. I would like to thank each of you personally for the many ways you have expressed the love of Christ in your witness to our church community and the communities you encounter each day. The term “steward” has been interpreted many ways, but the true gospel meaning is that of expressing our thanks to God for all He has bestowed upon us by prudently sharing our gifts.. This booklet addresses one aspect of gratitude, the sharing of time and talent. Our parish could not serve our community without the many people who give of their time and talent. We are all the church and we are all needed. If you were to take a guess as to how many people in our parish give freely or “volunteer”, what would you guess? 100? 200?? You might be surprised to know that it takes over 400 people giving of their time to maintain our ministries. Many of these people serve on 2 or more ministries. We need many more generous people to develop the current ministries, allowing people to only serve on one specific ministry, and add future ministries. We need YOU! Maybe you have two days a month to give on the weekend or maybe you have one morning or a couple of hours a week? Possibly, you can commit more readily with just one or two weekends per year? There are ministries to fit these schedules. Your time (whatever it is) and your gifts are vital to the life of this community.

Our mission statement encourages us to “be a community of Christian believers filled with faith and hope, bringing God’s love to all through Word and action”. By virtue of our baptism, we have all been empowered to share our gifts and talents with our parish community. We thank those who have continually given of themselves and we invite all to come forward and find a ministry in which they feel compelled to become involved. We need YOU, because YOU have a special gift or talent that no one else possesses. Our parish community has grown a lot in sixty-one years, but still has many things to accomplish – we need your voice and your ideas to help our mission statement and pastoral plan come to fruition.

I hope the following list helps in explaining the ministries we currently have flourishing or in development in our community. Please feel free to contact the person listed for further details. Having a clearer understanding of what ministries and organizations are out there and what the commitment involves, should make it easier to match your gifts or needs to an area that you find appealing.

With the peace of Christ,