Ministry of Administration

This ministry helps to vision the needs and pastoral plan for the parish anticipating and being proactive in communication and planning. It includes the management of all personnel. This ministry also aids in educating all about the purpose of true stewardship, the calling and sharing of gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Administration includes raising the necessary funds to finance our parish ministries, the building of our new church all while promoting financial accountability.

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council assists the Pastoral Coordinator and Priest Minister with maintaining the vision of the parish. Members are elected and appointed to serve a 3 year term. Meetings are held once a month and are open to all parishioners. For further information, please contact any of the pastoral council members or leave a message for John Keith, the president of the pastoral council at 797-2533 ext. 501.

Finance Council
This is a group of people knowledgeable in the area of finance. They help to advise the Pastoral Coordinator/Pastor on how to keep the parish financially healthy. They also prepare and monitor the annual budget. If you are interested in this council, please contact Kirsten at ext. 228 or

Capital Campaign Team
The Capital Campaign Team plans the fundraising activities and campaigns for the new church. We meet primarily in the fall and winter of each year. For further information, please contact Peggy at ext. 222 or

Stewardship Council
A new stewardship team is forming that will work towards identifying and empowering the gifts of all members. Do you believe that ALL is gift?? Is your life centered on gratitude?? Are you willing to share your beliefs with others?? Then this new team is for you. Contact Kirsten at ext. 228 / or Margo at ext. 225 for details.

Preventive Maintenance Team
New Preventive Maintenance Team will be developed in Spring 2008 to allow us to be better stewards of the buildings and ground God has entrusted to us. Please contact Steve Cox at 951-295-1691 if you are interested.

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