Ministry of Formation

Ministry of Formation

Education  and  catechesis  of  children,  youth,  and  adults  including  sacramental  preparation. Holistic (comprehensive) ministry to children, youth and all adults. The development of skills and talents of the ministry staff and all lay ministers, catechists and volunteers. Includes continuing education as well as on and off site training and spiritual development.

Religious Education    Religious Education 1st – 6th grades

Religious Education 20152016

This ministry provides an opportunity to teach young people about their Catholic faith by relating it to their lives on an age appropriate level. A qualified person is someone who has a basic knowledge and love of the Catholic faith, a love of children, a sense of humor and lots of patience. Training is provided, diocesan certification is available and support and sharing of ideas is provided throughout the year. Teaching requires a nine to ten month commitment for elementary including approximately two hours of your time a week. Summer Vacation Bible School opportunities are also available. If you are interested in finding out more about this joyous  opportunity,  please  contact  Linda  Ornelas  at 909-797 -2533  ext. 224  or

RCIA for Children   RCIA for Children

This is for children and teens over the age of seven who are in need of baptism. We welcome you and your family into our program which will include religious instruction with children or teens your own age, as well as supplemental instruction about the basics of our faith. Adults are also needed to help instruct in this program. Please call Linda Ornelas at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or

confirmation 2   Adult Confirmation/Eucharist

This is for adults over the age of 18 who are baptized Catholic and are in need of their First Eucharist and/or Confirmation. We cover the basic doctrines and dogmas of our faith as well as the history and current practices. This class promises to be a spiritually enriching time for all. Please contact Linda Ornelas at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or for info. Adult team members are also needed to assist in teaching.

First communion 2   First Eucharist / First Reconciliation

These sacraments are prepared for within our religious education program. It is a minimum two year process. For further details, contact Linda Ornelas at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or

Confirmation 3   Confirmation for Teens

This sacrament is also prepared for within our religious education program for all high school students. Those attending a catholic high school must receive sacramental preparation at their home parish and receive Confirmation with their parish. It is a two year year commitment and believing in our young people. Adults can achieve this through participating in many youth ministry areas, including:


Retreat Team

Chaperoning Activities      

Driving to events Recreational outings and many more opportunities!!

The time commitment can be one time or forever!!

Contact The office at 909-797-2533

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sfxc youth. 2 year process. Please contact the office at 909-797-2533

Religious Education Calendar Grades 1-6

Religious Education Calendar Grades 7 thru 12

First Eucharist Parent And Child Sessions

Family Catechesis

Information and Policy book

catholic coming home     Ministry with Returning Catholics

This ministry is offered twice throughout the year. We offer catechetical and evangelical principles, as well as many opportunities for dialogue for those returning to the church. If you would like to be on the team to share in this joyous ministry contact Linda Ornelas at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or email

ESL (English as a Second Language)
ESL classes have begun. Currently, classes are meeting on Thursday evenings. Please contact the office for more details, 909-797-2533

jovenes para cristo 2   Jovenes Para Cristo

This Spanish ministry assists in forming young adult leaders — focused on Christ — in the church. Elvia Corona at 909-797-8734 or  Clara Ureña –Spanish at 909-797-6865  for details.

Children   Children’s Liturgy of the Word
This is a special way for our children to celebrate the word of God at mass. All children over the age of 4 are welcome. The children are dismissed during the readings and return at the presentation of the gifts. Children’s Liturgy is celebrated during the 11am mass and is now offered at the Spanish 9am mass. More adults are needed to lead this rewarding ministry – please contact Linda Ornelas at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or

NEW Whole Community Catechesis Team
A new team is forming that will help to restructure our catechetical process to include formation for parents and children, single adults, young adults and senior adults. Retreat opportunities, resources for use at home, and ongoing faith sharing experiences will be at the center of this planning process. If you have an interest in this groundbreaking ministry, contact Linda at 909-797-2533 ext. 224 or

Baptism 2    Baptism Preparation
The baptism of a baby or young child is truly a joyous occasion. Anyone needing their infant or young child baptized can pick up an application after any of the weekend masses. You will then be contacted for an interview and given the necessary dates. (If your child is over the age of 7 or if you are an adult needing baptism, we would love to journey with you through the sacraments – please see the information about RCIA – Rite of Chistian Initiation) If you are interested in assisting this team, we will provide the training. All you need is to be a person who enjoys working with parents and their children and have a willingness to learn more about our faith. We are in need of people to help instruct the families in both English and Spanish, and/or to assist the priest and deacons with the actual baptismal ceremonies held once every other month.  If you are interested in this ministry, please contact the church office at 909-797-2533

quenceanera 3    Quinceañera

Quinceañera’s are celebrated for those young ladies in our religious education program. Team members are needed to assist in teaching the young ladies about the history of this celebration and its importance in their Catholic faith journey, as well as helping coordinate the actual celebration. To have a quinceañera celebration you must first begin by calling the office at 909-797-2533.

Marriage Preparation 1   Marriage Preparation Team
This is a ministry in the parish that helps prepare couples for the Catholic sacrament of marriage.

Couples are needed to give of their time for this ministry to instruct couples in either Spanish or English. This ministry has grown tremendously over the last two years and is in need of many more couples to minister in couple to couple sponsorships. What a beautiful way to share our faith, that of preparing couples for marriage. All training will be provided.   If interested in being on the TEAM, please calll the office at 909-797-2533.

Youth Ministry 5    Retreat Team – Youth
All youth are welcome to attend the retreats held each year – even if you are not in the religious education program. These reflection opportunities are held at various times throughout the year – some are for the whole weekend and some are day retreats. Watch the bulletin for dates and times – those enrolled in religious education classes will get flyers and reminders.

To be a retreat team member you must have a basic knowledge of the Catholic faith, be willing to share your faith and yourself with young people and have lots of energy and love of our youth. This ministry helps our young people grow in their faith and love for Jesus Christ while learning how to share their faith with others. As team members we are open and available to the youth to help them along their faith journey and make them feel part of a Christian community. The St. Frances retreat team serves the spiritual needs of our youth by providing retreats for those in middle and high school. Team members help plan retreats and facilitate small groups of young people in discussion, group projects, faith sharing and prayer, and preparation of meals. For more information contact the office at 909-797-2533.

 Adult Retreat   Adult Retreats – Men and Women
St. Frances participates yearly in the men’s and women’s retreats held at El Carmelo Retreat House in Redlands. This is a great way to sit back, relax, and take stock of your spiritual health. Contact the office at 909-797-2533 for further details.