Ministries of Worship

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The Worship Ministries assist the Pastor in planning and providing for the spiritual development of parishioners through liturgical celebrations, prayer experiences and spiritual growth programs.  St. Frances offers many opportunities for you, the parishioner, to become involved in the beautiful celebration of the Mass. We encourage all members of our parish, young and old, to prayerfully consider offering your special talents and time to serving in one of the ministries.  The Worship ministries (alphabetically) listed below, provide  a brief overview for each ministry.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers

The server is a member of the assembly who assists the priest and deacon during the Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies so that the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence. The server models the activity of the assembly and by singing, praying and keeping silence can enhance the worship of the assembly. The ministry of server is truly an honor. It should be treated with utmost dignity and reverence. Baptized persons in the third grade and older who have received First Communion may serve in this ministry. Training is provided before serving, as well as ongoing training annually. The time commitment involves 2 masses per month as well as holy days and special masses. For further information, please call Deacon Dan Hudec at 909-797-2533  or

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Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry ensures that news and information of parish life are communicated effectively both internally, within the St. Frances Community, and externally, within the Yucaipa Community at large.

The group covers several ministry duties including (but not limited to):

  • Designs and Maintains the parish website
  • Advertises activities within the parish and surrounding communities
  • Prepares press releases about activities, special projects, or ministries of the parish for distribution to the local media, and the diocese

This ministry is in need of people who enjoy working with web pages, bulletins, social media, advertising or other forms of direct marketing. Our multi-media world demands we stay current with our information. If you are interested in assisting in this fun and exciting ministry, please contact Antonio Contreras via email;

Eucharistic Ministery 1

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

The most venerable Sacrament is the blessed Eucharist, in which Christ the Lord Himself is contained, offered and received, and by which the Church continually lives and grows. The Eucharistic Sacrifice, the memorial of the death and resurrection of the Lord … is the summit and the source of all worship and Christian life. By means of it the unity of God’s people is signified and brought about, and the building up of the Body of Christ is perfected.” (Code of Canon Law, c. 897)

The administration of Holy Communion during the Mass is truly a ministry. It is the ministry of bringing the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ to the People of God. It also witnesses to faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the action of sharing in the Eucharistic meal of Christ’s sacrifice. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordinary ministers of communion with the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass as well as to parishioners who are sick, homebound and who reside in area nursing homes. This ministry requires a deep reverence for and awareness of our Lord’s Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are lay men, women and teens who have been confirmed, are in “good standing” with the Catholic Church, and have no impediments to the reception of Holy Communion. They are registered parishioners who regularly attend Mass. For further information, please call Deacon Dan Hudec 909-797-2533 ext. 506 or


Hospitality Ministry (Ushers) and Greeters (NEW)

As an usher/greeter we are often the first and the last person that someone entering or leaving St. Frances sees. In many ways we are the face of the parish. If we smile, are welcoming and reverend – this is what will be remembered. We are the Hosts for the parish.

The role of the usher and greeter is to Evangelize by the way that we interact with people. If they see a friendly, caring person, they feel welcome.

Responsibilities of Ushers/Greeters include:

  • Know how to respond to emergency situations–location of first aid kits and fire extinguishers; how to contact police, fire, and ambulance.
  • Greet and seat people.
  • Select parishioners to carry the gifts to the altar.
  • Gather and secure the collection.
  • Hand out bulletins at the conclusion of the Mass.
  • Assist the assembly, especially those with special needs, in any way possible.

If you are interested in this ministry, feel free to contact Joe Scarite at



Lectors (Ministers of the Word)

Ministers of the Word are trained lay people who proclaim the sacred Scripture at mass with skill, reverence and understanding. As Lectors, we communicate both the content and the spirit of God’s Word, drawing everyone into the scriptures. While often referred to as a “reader”, lectors are so much more than this. They carry the Book of the Gospels in the Entrance Procession, proclaim the First and Second Reading, and lead the Prayer of the Faithful in the absences of a Deacon. Being a Lector is not merely a matter of reading, but of bringing the Word of God from the Lectionary to the hearts and minds of a worshiping community. Anyone, who is a Catholic in good standing and who is a registered member of St. Frances, is eligible to train as Minister of the Word. Lectors receive training at the parish and the Diocese. After training, they are scheduled to read on a regular basis at various masses. For further information contact Deacon Pete Bond at 909-797-2533 ext. 505, or

Liturgical Environment

Liturgical Environment

The Ministry of Liturgical Environment at St. Frances was created to exhibit an inviting environment of worship during the different liturgical seasons and annual celebrations. A Liturgical team works behind the scenes to transform our Worship environment to heighten the awareness of the festive, solemn, or penitential nature of the different liturgical seasons. Our quiet presence is often unnoticed, yet the results of our labors are visible. Some of the skills that would be an asset to this ministry are: Sewing, Painting, Floral Arranging, Interior decorating, and Woodworking, just to mention a few. If you have appreciation for the Liturgical Space, creative imagination, willingness to help and availability, this ministry is for you. For more information on this essential ministry, please contact Mona Rodriguez at 909-446-1951.

Liturgical Linen

Liturgical Linen Ministry

This invisible, yet essential ministry is responsible for cleaning and purifying the Eucharistic linens that are used on the altar at Mass. Dedicated ladies, in their own homes, reverently launder and care for the purificators and corporals. On a rotating schedule, the linens are picked up on the weekend or Monday and laundered, pressed, and returned before the first weekend mass. This is a perfect ministry for those who cannot attend regular meetings but wish to offer their service for the benefit of the liturgy. Training is provided on how to care for these special linens. If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents to this special ministry, please contact the parish office 909.797.2533.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry

St. Frances is a parish that sings! Music is a powerful tool in our prayer: It unites us as one community and directs our sung praise and thanksgiving to God. The first role of the choir member, cantor, and instrumentalist is to serve our faith community in their prayer. With our music, we unveil dimensions of prayer that are not present in mere words. St. Frances is a parish that takes great joy in the vast treasury of music for the Church – all ages and styles at all liturgies. There are opportunities to serve in our choirs at all our liturgies: both Spanish and English. For further details speak with a representative within the parish office, 909.797.2533.


S.A.L.T. (Sound and Liturgical Technology Team)

The SALT (Sound And Liturgical Technology) team manages the sound, lights, and cameras in support of all liturgical services and various special events. SALT Ministers must be alert to what is happening during the service, listen carefully to ensure a pleasing tonal blend, clarity and volume of sound, and learn how to operate sophisticated electronic equipment. Volunteers will operate audio equipment to set-up and blend the sound for the mass, record the homilies, develop lighting for special events, and will project worship aids, live camera feeds and music to the screens in the church. Training and mentoring will be provided, as needed. Our Ministry is open to participation by any adults and responsible teens, with some knowledge of music and/or electronic equipment. We are especially in need of assistance for funerals during the weekday mornings. For more information about this ministerial opportunity or to volunteer please contact Michael Gross at 909-797-0568 or



A Sacristan has two main roles: Mass Set Up and Clean Up, and Mass Coordinator. We are responsible for the proper care of the Sacred Blood and Blessed Sacrament during and after the celebration and for keeping the Holy Tabernacle secure. At every Mass, we set up for both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist which means preparing all the books, vessels, and offertory. We make sure that the altar servers are ready and in place and that the assigned Readers and Extraordinary Ministers are present and ready to serve.

Sacristans are needed at all of our Masses. We primarily work at the Mass of our choice, but ask that all sacristans help cover Masses when there is a need, such as on Feast Days, Holy Days, and Sacraments. Depending on the number of sacristans assigned to a Mass, we may serve once or twice a month. Generally, the time commitment is one half hour prior to and one half hour after Mass. Team meetings are scheduled as needed and training will be arranged for all new sacristans.


  • be a registered parishioner
  • be approved by the pastor
  • 15 years or older
  • wish to serve God

If you are interested in serving in this ministry, feel free to speak to any of the sacristans that serve at our masses or feel free to contact parish office: 909.797.2533

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Quinceañera Coordinator

Quinceañeras are celebrated for those young ladies in our religious education program. Team members are needed to assist in teaching the young ladies about the history of this celebration and its importance in their Catholic faith journey, as well as helping coordinate the actual celebration. To have a quinceañera celebration Please contact the parish office: 909.797.2533 ext 221 or via email:

Wedding Coordinator 4

Wedding Coordinator

A  wedding coordinator provides service to  the  Priest  and  Deacons as  well  as  the  couples preparing for marriage. They communicate with the prospective bride and groom and the ministry staff to prepare for the wedding ceremony and are responsible for coordinating the liturgy for mass. Training will be provided for anyone interested in working in this ministry. We do need coordinators for both English and Spanish weddings. If you are interested in this joyous ministry, please contact Margo Isenberg at 909.797.2533 ext 225.