Scrip Fundraising

Scrip Fundraising

Turn Everyday Shopping into Fundraising! Help us fundraise by purchasing Gift Cards.


Skip the lines at Mass and order your SCRIP items online! Pay and pick them up before or after Masses on our regular Scrip weekends (normally 1st and 3rd). Order before the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month.

Cards cannot be mailed to you from Scrip. You must pick them up on our Scrip weekends and pay at that time.

Some products are ‘reload’ which means you can add money to an existing card. There is a $200 maximum for ordering cards online.

Registration Instructions Click here to Register. You will be asked to enter a Enrollment Code (specific to St. Frances). If you need the code, please contact us. After you enter the enroll code, you can complete the registration and then place an online order. Enter the website
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Contact us for the Enrollment Code
Jennifer Campbell

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