As you have heard recently in the media, there is a proposed new California Law that would force priests to break the sacred Seal of Confession. Please review the attached message from Bishop Barnes. 








∞ Our Mission Statement ∞

The Roman Catholic Community of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
is a family of Christian believers filled with faith and hope
striving to bring God’s love to all people through Word and action.

La Comunidad Católica Romana de Santa Francisca X. Cabrini es
una familia de creyentes Cristianos llenos de fe y esperanza luchando

por llevar el amor de Dios a todos atravez de Palabra y acción.


Please take a minute to read Bishop’s Letter for all Parishioners

Bishop Barnes Letter to Parishioners

Por favor de leer la carta del Obispo para todos los Feligreses

Carta Del Obispo Barnes para Feligreses