When: March 22, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm

Where: St Frances X Cabrini Church


Stations of the Cross/ Via Crucis, FEBRUARY 23,2018


Host: Catholic Daughters

Location: Main Church

7:00 pm – (Bilingual)

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Location: Knight’s Hall, 12586 California St

Time: 4:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Prices: $10 per Adult
$5 From 5 yrs-12 yrs old
FREE – 5 and under


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Pope on Ash Wednesday: Lent is the perfect time to ‘come home’


“[Lent] is the time for allowing one’s heart to be touched…” he continued, explaining how “persisting on the path of evil only gives rise to disappointment and sadness. True life is something quite distinct and our heart indeed knows this. God does not tire, nor will he tire, of holding out his hand.”

Lent is also a good time for the “creative power of silence” in order to “leave behind the unrest and commotion that fill the soul with bitter feelings which never get us anywhere,” he advised.“Pause from this compulsion to a fast-paced life that scatters, divides and ultimately destroys time with family, with friends, with children, with grandparents, and time as a gift… time with God,” he stated.

Francis urged people instead to look upon and contemplate those actions which promote faith, hope and charity, and to look upon the faces of the vulnerable and in need, like families who, despite hardship, still strive to make their homes “a school of love.”

He also advised people to see the faces of children and youth, yearning for a future, to see the faces of the elderly reflecting “God’s wisdom at work,” and to see the faces of sick people and their caretakers, whose vulnerability reminds us of the value of every person.

“See the remorseful faces of so many who try to repair their errors and mistakes,” he continued, “and who from their misfortune and suffering fight to transform their situations and move forward.”

Finally, the Pope encouraged everyone to take time during Lent to “see and contemplate the face of Crucified Love.”

“See and contemplate the real face of Christ crucified out of love for everyone, without exception,” he said. “For everyone? Yes, for everyone. To see his face is an invitation filled with hope for this Lenten time, in order to defeat the demons of distrust, apathy and resignation.”

Pope Francis- Ash Wednesday, February 14,2018 (CNA_Catholic News Agency)


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The Roman Catholic Community of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
is a family of Christian believers filled with faith and hope
striving to bring God’s love to all people through Word and action.

La Comunidad Católica Romana de Santa Francisca X. Cabrini es
una familia de creyentes Cristianos llenos de fe y esperanza luchando
por llevar el amor de Dios a todos atravez de Palabra y acción.