The Transition Team Welcome Committee invites you to join us in the Pastoral Installation of

Fr. Santos Ortega

 Presiding over this important event is:

  Fr. Leonard De Pasquale, Vicar Forane

The pastoral installation is a worship celebration of the union between a new pastor and a congregation. It is a historical marker of the consummation of the covenant between pastor and people. 


Please join Father Santos in this joyous celebration on:

Saturday,  September 13, at the 4 o’clock Mass.  

   After Mass, join us at the Cabrini Hall (old church, Rm 16) for a small reception. 


The reception is a “Finger food only Pot Luck.” Please contact Ursula Benitez at 909-797 -0446 as soon as possible with information as to what food item you are going to bring. 


This is a very important day for Father Santos and for the St. Frances X. Cabrini congregation, so please show your support by participating in this important event.


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La Comunidad Católica Romana de Santa Francisca X. Cabrinies una familia de creyentes Cristianos llenos de fe y esperanza luchando por llevar el amor de Dios a todos atravez de Palabra y acción.

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